Pancho's Woodie debuts at Knott's Berry Farm today.

Pancho wanted the best for her Rancho Oro Verde & the Happy Bottom Riding Club. That is why she bought several Ford “Woodie” station wagons over the 20+ years of the famous ranch and club. Very study haulers, the”woodies’ could be used to not only haul things around the ranch – pigs, dogs, hay – but they were also know to be great ‘station wagons,’ those cursed vehicles from your childhood, often taken on the insufferable road trip to Aunt Ethel’s in Peoria. But not if you had a “woodie.” Stylish and powerful, the 1951 Ford Country Squire “woodie” station wagon was also a ‘carry van,’ suitable to haul pigs as well as people. And that’s what Pancho did. In the heyday of the Happy Bottom Riding Club she’d drive one of her “woodies” down to Los Angeles and pick-up a load of guests, and head back to the Happy Bottom Riding Club. See, she usually
had at least two around the ranch, because they were so versatile. One particular “woodie,” this 1951 model, was no doubt a favorite, but was not long for the ranch. We all know that Pancho was known for her
big heart, and if she liked
someone, she’d often show it and then some. In her true “big heart” fashion, she gave this one away! That’s right – to one of her best hostesses as a wedding
gift. So take a good look at it in the photos. It’s quite a beauty. And it’s back in the Pancho Barnes Trust Estate Archive! More on this in an upcoming blog. In the mean time, you can stop by Knott’s Berry Farm on Sunday, April 25th, after 11:00 AM for the Fabulous Fords Forever 25th Annual Ford Show, just outsidethe park near Las Palmas and Stanton streets. There will be Fords from all eras as well as new Fords, arguably the best American cars on the road today. It’s the 25th anniversary of the Taurus, the 50th anniversary of the Falcon, the 55th anniversary of the T-Bird (may it rest in peace or be resserected once more?), and the 70th anniversary of the Lincoln Continental. And on display for the first time ever will be Pancho Barnes’ 1951 Ford Country Squire “woodie” station wagon! Stop by & say Howdy!

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