Buzz Aldrin – Friend of Pancho Barnes

Here’s a photo of the great astronaut and aviator Buzz Aldrin, with the guys from Pancho Barnes Enterprises at the 2010 International Licensing Expo in Las Vegas last night at the Buzz Aldrin – Rocket Man booth. There are also images of the Rocket Man to the far right in an endorsement portrait and perhaps in his most famous achievement as astronaut (in the rear center behind Buzz) as the second man to walk on the
moon on July 20, 1969. Buzz Aldrin was a good friend of Pancho Barnes, and is holding a DVD of the new
documentary, “The Legend of Pancho Barnes and the Happy Bottom Riding Club.” Buzz appears in this great film about Pancho Barnes, and talks about flying the very plane that Pancho Barnes tested, the Lockheed Vega. (see June 7, 2010 post) You can check out what’s the “Latest Buzz,” on the ‘Rocket Man’s” website, and while you’re at it you can download his iPhone App – the #1 selling educational App available. Buzz Aldrin – Rocket Man – Friend of Pancho Barnes!

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Dr. Louis F. D'Elia is the custodian of the Estate of Pancho Barnes and a Trustee of the Flight Test Museum Foundation at Edwards Air Force Base.